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Modern Upscale Prague Business Hotel Rated 5 Stars

tgtSome go to Prague for the beer, others enjoy the amazing history of the Golden City, while others, still, choose the most beautiful capital at the heart of Europe for its business prospects. If you fall into that final category, then this modern upscale Prague business hotel is what you’re looking for. It’s got all the amenities you need, in order to turn your business trip to the Czech Republic into the holiday of a lifetime.

The hotel itself is one of the city’s landmarks – you can’t miss it when you’re in the area, especially since it stands proudly, atop one of the city’s seven hills. Its location is perfect for busy business people and so are its facilities. First off, you will adore the amazing spa on the top floor, because it will allow you to catch one of the most breathtaking panoramic views over the entire city. Then, you’ll also be happy to learn that the hotel has not one, but two amazing restaurants, not to mention its bar, its café, and its numerous business facilities.

In the Local Area

The modern upscale Prague business hotel is situated right where all the action happens: close both to the business district of the city, but also very near to the city center. Prague’s Old Town can be reached from this residence by simply taking an enjoyable 5 minute walk; alternatively, you can travel there by metro, two stations to Wenceslas Square. It’s easy to reach the hotel from the airport as well, as it only takes a 25 minute drive to and from the hotel.

If you want to have some fun in the area, there’s plenty to see, do, and explore. The ample and luxuriant Vysehrad Park is a mere 3 minutes away. If shopping is your kind of fun, then you’ll be happy to know you can easily reach the Chodov Shopping Mall, where all your favorite brands can be found. For a night of culture on the town, check out the State Opera, the National Theatre, or the National Museum, which are all within walking distance.

And, of course, if you’re in Prague, you absolutely must not miss the historic center, with everything it has to offer: the Charles Bridge, the Astronomic Clock, and all the lovely open-air terraces. For a day trip, head on down to Vysehrad Castle and explore the beautiful outdoors, for there is plenty to see there, too.

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