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Ultra-modern Birmingham Boutique Hotel with Skyline Views

Hotel DoorIt’s contemporary, it’s been built recently, and it’s located in the Wharfside area: it’s an amazingly ultra-modern Birmingham boutique hotel, which is going to make you wonder whether or not you’ve landed in New York instead of the United Kingdom. From outside, it looks like a jewel in steel and glass, but the real beauty awaits to be discovered on the inside. It’s got 52 unique boutique bedrooms, all appointed in impeccable luxury, with free Wi-Fi and a mini-fridge. Designer toiletries are also complimentary. Many rooms come with a view of the Birmingham skyline, and the M5 and M6 motorways, which are located very close by, are going to help you get anywhere in the UK fast.

This beautifully designed ultra-modern Birmingham boutique hotel lacks nothing in terms of comfort and fun. Aside from the fact that it’s been designed to complement the local style of the area, it also comes with a club and spa, as well as with a steakhouse and grill joint, for those who want to sample local cuisine at its finest.

Our top picks in the local area

For families

The Sealife Center is about one kilometer away from the hotel and it’s the perfect place to take the whole family. Alternatively, you can opt for a day trip to the Twycross Zoo, which can be directly reached from the area.

For romance

There’s no place sweeter in all of Birmingham than Cadbury World, and while it might be an unusual setting for a date, we guarantee that those with a sweet tooth are going to adore it.

For culture

Choose the Symphony Hall, which is a five-minute walk away from this hotel, if you want to sample the best things that Birmingham has to offer in terms of culture. The venue often hosts sold-out concert, so make sure to book your ticket in advance if you want to catch a show there.

For shopping

The Bullring Shopping Center is situated very close to this ultra-modern Birmingham boutique hotel, as are an entire string of designer stores and other types of shopping venues. Shop your heart out, if you’ve chosen to stay at such a trendy hotel!

For eating out

Choose to eat at the Away2dine Cruising Restaurant if you want a truly unique experience in Birmingham. This restaurant is just as much about the experience, as it is about the great food.

For nightlife

Try out Annexe for a top dining and nightlife experience in Birmingham. This excellent French restaurant is one of the trendiest places in the city!

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