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Amazing Deal on Stylish 4 Star Dublin Hotel

Hotel DoorWant to visit Dublin while staying at one of its most striking and instantly recognizable hotels – one that is at once historic and contemporary? Then you will also want to take advantage of this great deal for a stylish 4 star Dublin hotel. The boutique hotel in question benefits from a great location, which you will enjoy time and again, as you leisurely explore the city at will, only to return to your home away from home, positioned in of the city’s most spectacular neighborhoods. All the important businesses in town are close by.

In terms of comfort and design, this hotel has got it all: it brings together the delicate traditional architecture of the Georgian style with sleek contemporary luxury. It comprises two restored historic houses and a modern glass-encased atrium, with a view of the one strip of greenery that is most representative for the emerald of the British Isles. The hotel provides room service, air conditioning, high speed internet connections, a private bathroom with a bathtub, a trouser press, and pay TV facilities. You can choose to have breakfast at the hotel’s bistro, enjoy a table d’hote lunch, or have an a la carte bisto dinner. The restaurant is very popular, both with the tourists, as well as with the locals. Visitor reviews applaud the hotel’s location, but also speak highly of the cleanliness of the rooms and the friendly staff.

In the Local Area

This stylish 4 star Dublin hotel couldn’t be better positioned. Grafton Street is close by, so if you want to do some shopping while in Dublin, you can be sure that all the best stores and brands can be found within a stone’s throw. Obviously, you can’t miss St. Stephen’s Green, the most beautiful and well-known park in Dublin, which is virtually across the street from where you’ll be staying.

If you want to enjoy your drink of choice at another venue than the hotel’s bar (which serves cocktails, coffee, and full bar fare), choose the famous Tempe Bar situated in the vicinity. Another popular destination for tourists is the Guinness Store House, where you can also expand your horizons and learn more about the fabrication of the world’s most famous stout. Check out Trinity College, for a sample of the city’s rich culture and history – you will be instantly transported to the days of the scholars of yore, in one of the best known universities across the old continent.

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