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Superb Royal Hotel in Sweden Offers Top Standards

Hotel DoorSome people instantly think of modern inventions, when they think of Sweden in general, and of Stockholm in particular. However, for others, Stockholm is all about royalty, palaces, and history. Those in the former category might be delighted to learn that they can stay at a gorgeous royal hotel in Stockholm, which offers both exquisite classic design, as well as the full range of modern amenities. You can’t do much better than this venue, which is situated very close to the Royal Palace of the Swedish Monarchy, if you’re looking for class.

Aside from its beauty, this amazing royal hotel in Stockholm, which was once a palace, also offers top services and amenities. It’s got many rooms with a view over the Stockholm harbor, as well as several marks of luxury in others. Many rooms have their own Jacuzzi, sauna, and balcony. And if you’re looking for even more entertainment and/or relaxation, you’ll be happy to hear that this hotel also has a great restaurant, a wellness spa, plus conference and banquet rooms. Irrespective of whether you’re in Stockholm for business or for pleasure, we guarantee you are going to love his place!

Our top picks in the local area

For families

You can choose to take a walking tour courtesy of stoRy touRs, which offer historic sightseeing trips of Stockholm throughout the years. Adults and children alike are going to enjoy learning more about the city and witness recreations of its rich history first-hand.

For romance

The Stockholm Old Town, with its colorful, narrow palaces only a few stories tall is a wonderful setting for romance. Go there in winter and you’ll also take in the full flavor of history, taste, and elegance in the Swedish capital. We guarantee you will fall irredeemably in love with this city!

For culture

The Stockholm Cathedral, which dates back to the 13th century, is situated in the immediate proximity of this lavish royal hotel in Stockholm. You can take a one-hour tour of it, in order to be amazed by its beauty and rich history.

For shopping

There are many chic boutiques to see all around Gamla Stan, so explore the area at will for shopping opportunities!

For eating out

If you’re a fan of Swedish cuisine, then Pastis is a great opportunity to sample it locally. Bear in mind that the restaurant, which is highly affordable, is also very small and can get crowded, so make sure to make reservations.

For nightlife

The Bar Nombre is one of the most popular venues for eating out and having fun in Stockholm. It serves amazing Spanish tapas and also has a beautifully appointed wine menu.

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